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We believe that each of us has the right to decide how we live our daily lives in a way is joyful and spontaneous. We champion a new care model for the elderly that allows our residents to enjoy a more positive and carefree life.

By redefining ‘aging’ and discarding the institutional operating model adopted by traditional homes, our residents can lead their own lives. At Forward Living, we will continue to realize and develop our vision, one step at a time.

“I passionately believe that the senior care industry is in need of radical change and innovation. That’s why I hope to build an elderly care home model that is sustainable in Hong Kong.”

Stephanie Law 
Managing Director

“I believe in a more positive future for aging that encourages greater independence and creativity”

Queenie Man 
Managing Director 

“What defines a quality care home for the elderly? One that enables residents to eat well, sleep well, live well and enjoy life to the full.”

Jenny Yuen 

Chief of Elderly Services 

“Families are blessed if their elders are properly cared for and can live happily. We hope that seniors can enjoy greater choice and autonomy in the future.”

Vicky Chan

Forward Living

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