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Those who are aged 60 or older, and passed the assessment of professional nurses and social workers to prove they are suitable to live in Forward Living.


Those who meet the eligibility requirements, please follow the steps below to apply for admission:


Submit Application Form

Please complete the application forms, together with a crossed cheque of the $1,000 assessment fee, and send it by mail or in person to Forward Living



Applicants and their family members will be evaluated by professional nurses and social workers in order to understand their health status and living habits


Inform Result

Applicants will be informed whether he/she is suitable to live in Forward Living within 3 working days


Health Check

Applicants who are eligible and accept the admission need to arrange a physical examination by their own or by referral 


Welcome to Forward Living

If the physical examination meets the admission requirements, we will arrange applicants to move in Forward Living

Start Your New Journey in Forward Living

Submit Your Application

If you are interested in moving in to Forward Living, please download the Application Form, and Application Instructions. Please submit the filled in forms through one of the following methods:

Submit in person

Address: No. 9 Fu Tei Road, Tuen Mun

Office Hour: Monday to Friday

(9 am to 6 pm)

By Mail

Address: Forward Living, 9 Fu Tei Road, Tuen Mun

(Please state on the envelope: Application for Admission)


Fax Number: 3728-7102


• After evaluation, if the applicant is assessed as not suitable for accommodation, the paid evaluation fee will be refunded by cheque.
• If the applicant is assessed as suitable for accommodation but eventually reject for admission, the assessment fee will not be refunded.
• In case of any disputes, Forward Living reserves all rights of the final decision.

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